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8-day Black Belt Training and Certification


The 8-day Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course is designed for a professional who requires a further in depth understanding in order to lead medium or large process impovement teams and projects. The certified Black Belt will also have the tools to be able to assist in strategic planning, project selection and risk management at an enterprise level.  The exam is a 3 hour 150 question proctored exam. 

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The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt 8-day training course provides the detailed understanding of the methodologies, tools and techniques of Lean and Six Sigma necessary for leading teams and coaching and mentoring other employees for reduction in costs, cycle-times, improved quality, and elimination of waste.  The certified Black Belt will be trained with the tools and understanding of Lean Six Sigma methodology necessary to make strategic decisions and consider the impacts of projects and changes at an enterprise level.

The training emphasises a disciplined and data-driven decision making approach for leading problem-solving projects. The course presents all the key concepts necessary to prepare student for the ILSSI Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification exam.


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The 8-day course includes Lean Six Sigma Yellow or Green Belt training course prior to taking this 5-day Black Belt course.   Any training provider for Yellow or Green belt training is an acceptable prerequisite.

Those students with neither previous Yellow nor Green Belt training should ask about our 8-day Black Belt course. 

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  • Lean Fundementals

  • Six Sigma Fundamentals

  • Voice of the Customer

  • Value and Value Stream Mapping

  • Flow and Pull


  • Introduction to SigmaXL

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)

  • Control Charts

  • Lean Metrics

  • Six Sigma Statistics

  • Measurement System Analysis

  • Process Capability

  • Inferential Statistics

  • Hypothesis Testing Normal Data 

  • Hypothesis Testing Non-Normal Data 

  • Process Modeling

  • Regression Analysis

  • Design of Experiments

  • Capability Analysis

  • Advanced Lean Controls

  • Six Sigma Defect Controls

  • The Lean Enterprise

  • Mock Black Belt exam

  • Review of mock exam and final exam preparation

  • Final ILSSI Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Exam 

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A  laptop computer (Windows 10 or higher ) is required for this class.   Check for the minimum system requirements here.   

A lifetime license of SigmaXL is provided as part of the course fees.   

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